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The Rainbow Fish

  • Author: Marcus Pfister
  • Focus Theme: Simplicity
  • Illustrator: Marcus Pfister
  • Picture Book
  • Synopsis:

    Rainbow Fish is the most beautiful fish in the sea, with sparkly, glittery scales. He flaunts them around for all to see, but when one fish asks for a scale of his, he says NO. The other fish realize he isn’t all that nice after all, and they stop admiring him. Eventually, he seeks counsel from a wise octopus who recommends he share his scales. Although he doesn’t want to, he shares his first glittery scale with another fish and immediately feels a good, happy feeling. By the end of the story he’s shared all but one scale…and although he may not be THE most beautiful fish in the sea, he’s surrounded by friends and he feels happy.

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    The Rainbow Fish
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    Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

    There are so many good lessons to pull out of this book, but right now (because my daughter is 3 and this is so relevant) we are focusing on the POSITIVES of sharing. She loves counting the scales on each of the fish after they receive them from rainbow fish and she notices the different ways he feels compared to the beginning and end of the book after sharing. Cannot say more good things about this book!
    - Samantha Munoz
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