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Made by Raffi

  • Author: Craig Pomranz
  • Illustrator: Margaret Chamberlain
  • Picture Book
  • Synopsis:

    Raffi doesn’t like playing noisy games and doing some of the things the other kids like to do at school, and is often teased about it. Then, he gets an idea to knit a scarf for this dad, and the other kids think that’s too girly…until they realize just how useful his knitting can be when the big pageant is coming up and there is NO costume for the prince! Raffi uses his skills to knit the most brilliant cape for the prince!

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    Made by Raffi
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    This book is so incredibly sweet & an amazing reminder to parents about the POWER of unconditionally loving our children. I love Raffi's self-assuredness and his character's brave boldness embracing his LOVE of knitting ("girly" or not).
    - Samantha Munoz
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