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We love welcoming authors, illustrators & publishers into the book club to talk about their books with our community.


The Intentional Book Club is a fantastic opportunity to get your work in front of parents and children that value reading and are looking for high quality books to add to their bookshelves at home.

As a guest, you are given a dedicated page in the book club – and you have the opportunity to tell the story and heart behind your books in a one on one interview with the founder, Sam Munoz. During the interview, you may also choose to read aloud one of your books. Finally, if you’d like to give away a copy (or two!) of one of your books, you can do that as well through an Instagram giveaway.



Here are some of the guests we have welcomed in the past:

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Please note – we receive several requests to be a featured guest in the book club & we are very selective about who we choose to welcome. You will receive a response within 5 business days of your submission. Thank you for understanding our desire to preserve and protect this community.

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